August 27, 2014


Hi I am Ian Symonds founder of and creator of I Present Gold. I specialise in turning anyone’s expertise into profitable business assets.

For the last 30 years I have been working with professionals from different disciplines to turn what they know, often unconsciously into off and online presentations, seminars, coaching programmes, workshops, business efficiency systems and products.

These products and services become assets of the business generating extra revenue and profit while taking up few resources of the business or business owner.

In my industry I’m well known for projects like:

  • Designing and delivering the emergency procedures programme for London City Airport.
  • Designing an accredited programme to win a £50,000 Ombudsman training contract.
  • Creating a local apprenticeship programme which was recognised and incorporated into a National Scheme
  • Designing and delivering a multi agency simulated football match to enable Southampton Football Club to renew their stadium safety certificate.
  • Scoping and constructing the skills profiles which were approved and incorporated into the National Competency Framework for the Police Service. This framework has been in operation for over 10 years which has provided massive value for staff and significant savings in time and resources for managers.
  • Auditing customer care systems to safeguard and improve business performance.

One of my recent clients an NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner. I have been helping her apply a proven 3 step ‘Presentation Strategy © 2012 to raise her profile and generate additional income streams to future proof her lifestyle.

Do you know any business owner or consultant who is keen to generate additional income?




The Presentation Strategy
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